Clil Project Web Introduction

Along a number of years, different groups of teachers working at secondary schools all over Asturias took part in a very complete program to improve their linguistic competence and support their daily practice in Bilingual programs in their schools.

Through this program, these teachers were encouraged and trained to make the best of their teaching practice in a bilingual setting, present in many of our schools still nowadays. This CLIL approach (teaching of content through English) intends to provide the students with the tools to improve their skills and their confidence in their command of a foreign language.

The training program for teachers was developed in different stages, the last one being the creation of a final product where all teachers would apply the things learned in the previous stages (CLIL vocabulary, methodology, ICT, etc). This final product is the versatile interdisciplinary project we are presenting now: designed schemes of work in nine different subject areas _all of which are linked through a field trip_ and a field book with activities corresponding to these subjects, to be carried out by students during the field trip.

This is an innovative Project using active methodology. Our objective was ambitious, but we hope that the whole project will bring a great opportunity to challenge teachers, students and families. From the moment we set foot on the track ourselves, our route became a journey of exploration that took us well on the way to gaining a better understanding of CLIL methodology and resources, of teamwork and of collaborative learning-teaching across departmental frontiers.